Welcome to Small Sofas and Chairs.

Many modern homes simply do not have the space for the large bulky 3 piece suites often found on the high street - That's why we set up this website. Every product you find here has been selected for rooms where space is at a premium.


We have thousands (1000s) of fabrics – we can make sofas and chairs in any gorgeous colour and soft feel textures which will last for years and years. Look at our fabric selection or you can specify your own. We deal with most of the designer houses – Ross Fabrics, Romo, Kirkby House etc. etc.

Small Sofas for Small Rooms

I am a Master Upholsterer of some 35+ years experience and I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people regret the purchase of a big sofa as they almost have to climb over it to leave the room.

Space is everything – why crowd your room with big furniture. So many sofas and chairs, especially the modern styles, can look ok in the showroom but wait till they are delivered: they can be enormous.

Listening to my customers, I have selected for this website neat styles and shapes, both from our own workshops and small independent family manufacturers. In the main they are classic shapes that have stood the test of time. Then using modern fabrics they will hold their looks for years. Be cautious about choosing modern ‘floppy styles’. They have a tendency to date quickly and look ‘old hat’ and tired in a few short years.

Have you been looking for a small sofa for a small space?

Have you noticed how many of the modern sofas have big wide arms and are simply too big for most modern flats and houses today? Modern designs can look appealing but there can be a lot of wasted space taken up with extra wide arms. They can look great on TV and in the showroom but can crowd a room.

Small Sofas for Small People.

Consider will the sofa or chair suit you.

What height are you?

We have chairs and sofas to suit you if you are 4’6″ or 7’6″ and if it is not in our regular selection we will make one for you. Its easy – we are Master Upholsterers and Designers. With us you can mix and match styles. If you have a big partner and you are petite we will make you a big and a small sofa and/or chair, or, simply carry out a clever alteration to one item to suit you and it need not cost the earth!! In many instances we are much cheaper than the big retailers.

Also – Big Sofas for Big People.

What seat height do you need?
We can make sofas and chairs from 14″ seat height up to 24″ seat height
What seat depth do you need?
We can make sofas and chairs from only 16″ seat depth up to 30″ seat depth back to front.
What seat width do you need?
We can make chairs from 14″ between the arms to 36″ wide between the arms
What back height do you need?
Do you like to rest your head- ask about our adjustable neck support and lumbar support using memory foam
super soft Dacron filling etc.

2 seater sofas for small rooms.

Yes – we supply small 2seater sofas for small and big rooms, for both small people, average people and big people.

2 seater sofas for small people.
2 seater sofas and chairs are easy for us to make, in varying sizes for petite people.


Naturally, we only supply quality sofas and chairs, using quality fire retardant foams and fillings, with glued and carefully made joints. And hardwood in the stress bearing areas. All our Frames and Fillings are fully guaranteed.

Mix and Match for Tall and Short people.

Mother Nature has made us all shapes and sizes and rarely are two partners living together the same size, height or weight. Now you can mix and match chairs and sofas to suit any couple.

Art Deco 1920′s Sofa Styles.

I have always liked the 1920′s sofas on the art nouveau style. So just for fun, I have reproduced a few 1920′s and 1930′s club shapes. Be brave with the fabrics and bring them up to date.

Art Nouveau 1930s sofa styles.

Lovingly Reproduced. I could not leave the 1930′s out – What do you think?
Be different. Who wants mass produced, cheap imports which are not always that cheap.

Comfort is Everything.

We are Master Upholsterers – we know our business. It is nice to have a nice looking suite of furniture BUT is it comfortable?
So often our customers come to us to have a favourite chair reupholstered ( Indeed we are experts in the reupholstery of Ercol, Parker Knoll and other good quality makes ) because their old sofa is just so comfortable.
Unfortunately, many modern designs are sold on style and looks – but comfort is important too. So many people suffer with bad backs due to poor lumbar posture when sitting.